Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital

The new McKenzie Vaughn Hospital Canada’s. First, smart hospital is part of McKenzie Health’s. Two Hospital model that is designed to serve the diverse and growing community of Vaughn and York Region at major McKenzie Drive in Jane Street and eight kilometers west of McKenzie Richmond Hill Hospital.

The generous canopy reaches forward to create a clear sense of destination and welcome entering the victors. End family Welcome, Center and main lobby. The double height space is filled with daylight and warm natural materials.

A feature stair is set against a large multi-story glazed wall overlooking the main courtyard generous drop-off areas provide ample space for vehicles and pedestrians. The Magna emergency woman-child and the west public entrance are all clearly delineated.

Destinations. Navigation to the parking structure is easy, with direct access to a south-facing glazed link way that connects to the hospital within a terraced garden, emphasizing the importance of landscape as a calming and restorative environment.

Visitors entering from the parking link way can proceed straight up the stairs or ahead to the public elevators to amenities such as a retail pharmacy. On the Main Street on level 1, the library’s. Prominent location reinforces the hospital’s.

Important role in health education, the cafeteria below bathed in natural light, opens up to the main floor. Bringing a sense of vitality to the Main Street interior and exterior spaces are uniquely woven together.

Welcome desk registration and the main public elevators are straight ahead and visible upon entering the hospital. Making. Wayfinding, simple and clear visitors have orienting views to the outside at each public elevator lobby, a key component of intuitive wayfinding in patient rooms, are efficiently organized with communication stations nearby, ensuring that staff are readily accessible to their patients, design with the needs of patients and families.

In mind natural wood accent, materials, bring a sense of home privacy for the patient is always considered. Large windows provide expansive views to the outside. Continuing improvement of health care.

Delivery is exemplified with the distinctly prominent location of the Learning and Development pavilion expected to be complete. In 2020, the mackenzie vaughn hospital will create 1,000 new construction jobs and will require an additional 1,800 staff and 100 new physicians to provide care when it opens its doors.

In late 2020, the new mackenzie vaughn hospital is state-of-the-art, designed through the eyes of the patient, connected to nature and enabled by smart technology to meet the needs of the fast growing community of vaughn and york region as part of an integrated to hospital model, including the Mackenzie Richmond Hill hospital, urgent care center and numerous community-based programs, McKenzie Vaughn hospital will provide seamless and exceptional care for patients and families close to home.


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